River Mountain Loop Epic Ebike Adventure


Style (all of our bikes are electric):Trail

Embark on a breathtaking 34-mile ebike adventure that combines the rugged beauty of the desert with the serene splendor of Lake Mead. This journey is not just a ride; it's an exploration of nature's contrasts, from the challenging mountain trails to the peaceful lakeside paths. 


    • Scenic Route: Discover a unique trail that winds around a majestic mountain and opens up to the stunning views of Lake Mead.
    • High-Performance Ebikes: Ride with confidence on our electric bikes, designed to tackle various terrains with ease. These bikes offer both throttle and pedal assist modes, reaching speeds up to 28mph.. With height recommendation from 4’10-6’6, and the ability to hold up to 440lbs, these bikes are the best! 
  • Safety and Comfort: Your safety is our priority. Helmets are provided for all riders, and we recommend dressing warmly to enjoy the ride comfortably.
  • Starting Point: Your adventure begins at the River mountain loop trail head located at1228 Equestrian Dr, Henderson, NV, where you'll meet your group and get acquainted with your bike.
  • Duration: This epic journey covers 34 miles, offering a full day of adventure and exploration.
  • Group rates and transportation options available! Call 702-376-6886

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